Dolls & Bears

Many of our displays are created with dolls, bears and old vintage toys. Toys and marionettes adorn beams of our ceilings and provide a memorable reflection of past days you will undoubtedly remember when you visit the store. Antique dolls are used in displays, protected in wooden cabinets and they are offered for sale. They include beautiful German bisques, hard plastic dolls, cloth and composition as well. Toys are reminiscent of the 1950's and 1960's era. Popular older dolls, like Shirley Temple, Ginny, Barbie, Madame Alexander are available in excellent vintage condition. Appointments are available to discuss purchasing antique or collectible dolls and we are interested in knowing what you're searching for because often times we are able to help.

We have beautiful porcelain dolls by Delton Doll that are made as limited editions. Their portrait faces have an incredibly realistic look. We carry Bearington bears because we think the personalities of their plush animals and their outfits are top quality, unique and collectible. Of course they have that vintage look and older classic design to them like just about everything in the store.

Handcrafted dolls are done in vintage styles with old fabrics and designs and several reproduction cloth dolls are mostly created as one-of-a-kinds. These include raggedy ann designs in many themes that are created with vintage fabrics and accessories that have been acquired by artists at the Tattered Rabbit, in shops as far as Paris. Also available are Greta's Doll aka Sew Be It and her designs are in vintage fabrics and old fashioned styles also. The Huckleberry Tree is yet another artist that creates vintage looking cloth dolls with detailed handpainted faces and elaborate outfits. All of our handcrafted dolls are truly works of art all by themselves.